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21st March 

Chariot of the Soul

Chariot of the Soul is the story of Togidubnus, the first of Britain's great kings. Although he was followed by Arthur and Alfred, he himself has been forgotten. The story begins with ten years he spent as a youth in Rome, studying with Seneca, and how he was sent home to Britain in advance of the Roman army to smooth the way for the conquest. He was a Stoic, a man of peace who believed in negotiating treaties; his opponent was Caratacus, the rebel war lord leading the British resistance.

Reason and Passion - these are the two horses that Plato describes in Phaedrus. We tell ourselves that Reason is good and Passion is bad, and try to ditch the black horse. But Plato's parable shows that we are not the horses, nor even the chariot, but the driver. How do we steer this contrary nature of duality? This is what Togidubnus must discover to succeed in the mission he has been given, and in so doing fulfilling his own desire to create a peaceful, prosperous nation.

We have very few facts about ancient Britain at the time of the conquest, but here's one: no forts were built in the lands of Togidubnus, which included Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire.