Welcome to Practical Philosophy Berkshire

A ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Please note that all classes will be going ahead next term - online.

We are still working out the details and will post more information shortly

The important thing is not to be unnecessarily anxious, but to stay attentive to the situation and to follow the official guidance.


This course of 10 weekly adventures in Philosophy looks at life’s assumptions. Armed with sayings of the wise and building on personal experience, step by step, it encourages students to find the freedom to be the master, not the prisoner of events.

We invite you to explore everyday - and yet perennial questions – in the company of other like-minded people.  This course can help anyone who genuinely wishes it to lead a richer, less stressful, more centred, life.



More information is found on this website, and you can phone 01628 947 848 with any questions.

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