Welcome to Practical Philosophy Berkshire

A ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Bhagavad Gita

A Bhagavad Gita study group

Anyone is welcome to join this study group regardless of whether or not they are attending the Philosophy courses and you do not have to have attended previously to gain something even from a single session.

Stephen Silver will be taking this group on the following Sundays during the Summer term 2018:
20 May, 10 June, 8 July.

The study sessions take place at the Boyn Grove Community Resource Centre, 11 Courthouse Road, Maidenhead SL6 6JE. Doors open at 7.30 am with meditation for ½ hour from 7.45 to 8.15. After this the doors will be open again for those coming just for the Gita study, which starts at 8.30 am finishing at 10 am.

The charge for the term is £12 to cover room hire and administration.

If you are interested in joining the group please let Stephen know as soon as possible on
01628 947848 or email PracticalPhilosophyBerkshire@gmail.com


For the Autumn term the plan is to meet four times, which means that the charge for the term will be £18. The planned dates are: 30 September, 28 October, 18 November, 9 December 2018